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Celebboard Admin
The following rules form the basis for your activities and behaviour while visiting Celebboard.
They are to be followed without exception and pertain to all forms of communication used within the forum,
including chats and PM’s, etc..

If you don’t agree with these rules then stay away from the site !

Members who massively or repeatedly violate the rules must expect to receive a warning or even be banned
from the site... .

Anybody who posts a contribution here, text or picture, automatically accept the rules of this forum and are
therefore responsible for all his/her posts within the community. The poster is reponsible for all links to video
clips as well as Zip/Rar-archives. If such archives are offered for download then ALL pictures must be included
in the post individually or as a collage.

The Team from Celebboard retains the right to edit or delete any questionable material posted to the forum.
Admins, Super-Moderators and Moderators have the right to close, move or edit posts or threads at their own discretion. The Team from Celebboard does not have the time to check if every contribution conforms with
the law ! The poster will be held liable for all consequences pertaining to the material posted, including legal
actions should the occasion arise. We retain the right to open legal action or claim damages.

If you in anyway believe that you have been treated unfairly, feel free to contact any member of the Admin team.

Only German and English are the permitted languages on this forum !

The Avatar may be maximal 80x80 pixel and 20 kb large.
The Signature may be maximal 600x200 pixel and 200 kb large. NO ADVERTISING !
All Links in signatures must be approved by administrators!

PLEASE, before starting a new thread, use the Search function in order to prevent duplicates.

The format for the title of a thread is as follows:-
Name of star - Event/Channel - (Date) – Quantity (e.g. 10x Caps)

The following is forbidden....
  • The choice of the user name should reach a certain level!
  • Insults, swearing as well as crude, vulgar or obscene forms of expression
  • The minimum size of an image is 1000px (height or width)
  • exception: "caps, collagen, scans and wallpaper" and the "mixed forums" minimum size of an image is 400px
  • Generally the linking of not one´s own webspace is forbidden! Directlinking of external websites is only allowed if you use Imaghoster or Filehoster, or in case it´s explicitly allowed by the website´s owner. We´re refering to our disclaimer.
  • If you post pictures from someone else's post, please have the courtesy to re-host them by yourself! Using stolen picture links/codes will result in an immediate and permanent ban from this board!
  • Material from FHM, LIKE, Playboy, Maxim, Penthouse, Stuff, Perfect 10 or other material which is copyrighted - Exception: images that have been released in the social medias by the rights holders themselves, despite (c)
  • Material from Onlyfans, Patreon
  • Private photos and videos of any kind
  • Pictures in which the children of celebrities can be recognized
  • Links to hardcore sites, Free-Porn sites, Dialer-sites or Filesharing sites
  • Any pictures with tagging or promotion for hardcore sites, Free-Porn sites, Dialer-sites or Filesharing sites
  • Spamming within the forum.
  • Fakes of German celebrities - including X-Rays
  • Material of celebrities under 16 years old
  • Official music videos
  • Fullquotes of picture- or gif-threads
  • Threads with more than 100 pictures are forbidden
  • Entire recordings (Movies/Series/Shows) -> only excerpts are allowed (Clips not longer as 10 minutes)
  • Videos and pictures with pornographic, illegal or offensive content, especially those which explicitly show genitals, rape, violence.
  • Promotional of a hotel where Sandra Ahrabian be seen naked
Rule Supplements:

All material from the following photographers are forbidden:
  • Thorsten Buhe
  • David La Chapelle
  • Bernhardt Kühmstedt
  • Frank-Lothar Lange
  • Thomas Rabsch
  • Christian Schoppe
  • Michael Wilfling
  • Matthias Nordiek
  • Mark Liddell
  • Peter Palm
  • Thomas Schüpping

Furthermore forbidden...
  • All material of child celebrities - allowed only above 16 years old !
  • Renator Lingor - all materials
  • Veronika Zemanova - all materials
  • Tina Kraus - all materials
  • Jessica Schwarz - except caps
  • Natalia Wörner - except caps
  • Yvonne Ransbach - except caps
  • Stella von Gent - except caps
  • Anneke Dürkopp - except caps/videos
  • Barry Rosen - except caps
  • Cora Schumacher - naked pictures
  • Nina Kunzendorf - naked pictures / caps, naked videos and naked gifs
  • Mina Tander - except caps
  • Mira Mazdumdar - except caps
  • Sandra Ahrabian - a video in a hotel advertising clip where she is seen naked.
  • Verena Mundhenke - all materials
  • Ulrike Schwab - all materials
  • Sophie Engert - Nude pictures
  • Sarah Connor - Topless; vacations at the beach
  • Renée Weibel - all materials
  • Emma Watson - Fakes
  • Funda Vanroy - nacked pictures

Webhoster Blacklist
  • C
  • C
  • C
  • C
  • D
  • F
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • K
  • M
  • M
  • P
  • P icsharebunny,com
  • P
  • P
  • P
  • S
  • S
  • S
  • T
  • U
  • U
  • U

... and all Cash-Hoster


We have no influence over the format of webpages linked on this site and therefore distance ourselves from
all contents on these pages.

Thanks to Century for the Translation
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