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    Tana Mongeau - "at saddle ranch in West Hollywood" 22.08.2022 - x8

    Tana looking good in vinyl, thanks RAMTEID!!!
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    Nikita Dragun - all in white leaving BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood 28.10.2020 x12

    :WOW:Nikita looking sexy in that outfit, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Alessandra Ambrosio - at the Dog Pound in West Hollywood 27.10.2020 x87

    :WOW:Alessandra looking fit in spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Ella Rae Wise - looking stylish in black shorts & boots while moving into her new house in Southend, Essex 26.10.2020 x24

    :WOW:Fine beauty Ella looking good in leather shorts, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin - at Earthbar after workout in West Hollywood 27.10.2020 x78

    :WOW:Kendall looking hot in spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Nicky & Paris Hilton - out shopping in Manhattan's Soho area in New York City 27.10.2020 x73

    :WOW:Paris & Nicky looking good in leather pants, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Jeanie Mai - arriving at the dance studio in Los Angeles 27.10.2020 x19

    :WOW:Jeanie looking good in that revealing top, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Chantel Jeffries - at Earthbar after a workout in West Hollywood 28.10.2020 x5

    :WOW:Chantel showing a fine body in spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Chrishell Stause - at theDWTS studio in Los Angeles 25.10.2020 x37

    :WOW:Chrishell looking good in those sexy leggings, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Alexis Ren - looking stylish while casting her vote at a ballot box in West Hollywood 24.10.2020 x24

    :WOW:Alexis looking good in leather pants, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Paris Hilton - arriving at LAX airport 22.10.2020 x30

    :WOW:Nice to see Paris in normal clothes, showing a cute booty in spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Francesca Farago & Violet Benson - out for shopping in Los Angeles 17.10.2020 x31

    :WOW:Thanks for the ladies!!! Francesca looking particularly hot in pink, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Joy Corrigan - bikini photoshoot at Venice Beach 15.10.2020 x40

    :WOW:Hot blonde Joy looking beautiful and sexy, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Rocky Barnes - on a photoshoot in New York City 15.10.2020 x16

    :WOW:Rocky looking good in tight jeans, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Shay Mitchell - out in Los Angeles 01.10.2020 x37

    :WOW:Shay's legs looking good in those leggings, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Kimberley Garner - leaving the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair 08.10.2020 x28

    :WOW:Kim is very beautiful, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Amanda Holden - looking hot in leather trousers at Heart radio in London 07.10.2020 x16

    :drip:Amanda looking good in leather pants, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Hailey Bieber - showing legs in a purple gym outfit while visiting a friend in Beverly Hills 06.10.2020 x43

    :WOW:Hailey looking cute in purple spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Georgia Fowler - bikini at a beach in Sydney 04.10.2020 x36

    :drip:Wow!!! Georgia looks stunning in that bikini, thanks BRIAN!!!:knie: :thx:
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    Lizzie Cundy - "Leaves Annabel's Member's Club in Mayfair, London" 09.10.2020 (4x)

    :WOW:Lizzie looking good in leather, thanks ROLLI!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Natalie Jayne Roser - doing a beachware photoshoot on Maroubra Beach in Sydney 09.10.2020 x43

    :WOW:Natalie looking cute in that blue one piece, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Alessandra Ambrosio - red bikini at a beach in Malibu 11.10.2020 x16

    :WOW:Alessandra very sexy in her favorite bikini wet, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Alessandra Ambrosio - making a trip to a new gym in Beverly Hills 08.10.2020 x43

    :WOW:Alessandra showing her fine body in spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Miley Cyrus - showing belly while grocery shopping in New York 13.10.2020 x53

    :WOW:Miley looking cute in spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Chantel Jeffries - enjoying lunch with a friend in Beverly Hills 13.10.2020 x31

    :WOW:Chantel looking beautiful in spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Alessandra Ambrosio - leaving a residence after a yoga class in West Hollywood 13.10.2020 x12

    :drip:Alessandra looking hot in shiny spandex, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Chrishell Stause - arriving at the DWTS studio in Los Angeles 01.10.2020 x23

    :drip:Chrishell looking sexy in those shiny leggings, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Amy Hart - red bikini at a pool in Portugal 01.10.2020 x46

    :drip:Amy has some sexy curves in that red bikini, thanks BRIAN!!!:knie: :thx:
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    Alessandra Ambrosio - playing volleyball at a beach in Santa Monica 01.10.2020 x117

    :WOW:Alessandra looking very fit, in form fitting spandex!!! Great megapost, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Lucie Donlan - wearing her wet suit while surfing in Newquay 01.10.2020 x49

    :WOW:Wetsuit a little big on petite Lucy, but she still looks hot, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Rebecca Gormley - getting hot and steamy in a hot tub in Middlesbrough 01.10.2020 x29

    :WOW:Rebecca is a sexy beauty, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Alessandra Ambrosio - red bikini at a beach in Santa Monica 03.10.2020 x140

    :drip:Alessandra loves wearing this bikini, but that's OK, she looks hot in it!!!! Thanks, BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Camila Coelho - playing volleyball at a beach in Santa Monica 03.10.2020 x11

    :WOW:Camila has a hot little bikini body, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx:
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    Hana Giraldo - showing legs & belly on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles 03.10.2020 x12

    :WOW:Fine beauty Hana looking hot in her bra top, thanks BRIAN!!!:thumbup: :thx: